People Data in Your Business

Since our announcement of OCI’s evolution to Optis, we’ve been talking a lot about ‘People Data.’ It’s not surprising that we’ve captured the ears of many HR managers with the term, as managing data is on the mind of every HR professional these days.

In our conversations with attendees at HR Tech and HR Southwest, it became apparent that many organizations have attempted to assemble their data into systems that support measurement and analysis. However, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Many questions surrounding people data continue to exist and HR professionals continue to be dissatisfied.

So, what is people data anyway? And how can you use it to effectively answer the questions that you, and your company’s executives, ask?

In our whitepaper, People Data In Your Business, Optis explains that people data is simply any information associated with your employees’ involvement in and interaction with the workplace. We give you the steps to become people data strategic and illustrate how utilizing people data properly can lead to company-changing and/or cost-saving decisions. (Spoiler Alert: Adaptation is the most crucial step!)

Download People Data in Your Business to understand how to make your disparate people data easy to understand, control and see. It’s with this knowledge and understanding that your company can create cost-saving employee benefits programs, reduce lost productivity, identify absence trends, and ultimately make better business decisions.